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Michael Pearson - The Indian Ocean

Michael Pearson - The Indian Ocean
2007 | ISBN: 0415445388, 0415214890 | English | 352 pages | EPUB | 0.9 MB
In this stimulating and authoritative overview, Michael Pearson reverses the traditional angle of maritime history and looks from the sea to its shores - its impact on the land through trade, naval power, travel and scientific exploration. This vast ocean, both connecting and separating nations, has shaped many countries' cultures and ideologies through the movement of goods, people, ideas and religions across the sea.

The Indian Ocean moves from a discussion of physical elements, its shape, winds, currents and boundaries, to a history from pre-Islamic times to the modern period of European dominance. Going far beyond pure maritime history, this compelling survey is an invaluable addition to political, cultural and economic world history.

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Michael Pearson - The Indian Ocean

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