/ / Birds of the Lake Erie Region

Birds of the Lake Erie Region

Carolyn V. Platt, Gary Meszaros, "Birds of the Lake Erie Region"
ISBN: 0873386906 | 2001 | EPUB | 127 pages | 41 MB
This latest collaboration of Carolyn V. Platt and Gary Meszaros is a beautifully photographed book that explores Lake Erie and its effects on the birds that make this region their home. Birds of the Lake Erie Region observes a year of weather changes and avian migrations—from the wintertime convergence of ducks and other waterbirds on the lake's last ice-free areas to the excitement of the raptor and shorebird migrations in the fall. Expert or novice, birders and nature lovers will be moved by Platt's celebration of these birds and their habitat and by Meszaros's impressive photographs of the delicate beauty of these exquisite creatures.

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Birds of the Lake Erie Region

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