/ / Modernism in Design (Critical Views) (Repost)

Modernism in Design (Critical Views) (Repost)

Paul Greenhalgh - Modernism in Design (Critical Views)
Reaktion Books Ltd. | 1990 | ISBN: 0948462124, 0948462116 | English | 258 pages | PDF | 14.67 MB
Ten new and important essays on design cover Modernism's fortunes in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Britain, Spain, Belgium and the USA; they range in subject matter from world fairs and everyday domestic objects to American West coast architecture and French and Italian furniture.With essays by Tim Benton, Gillian Naylor, Penny Sparke, Wendy Kaplan, Clive Wainwright, Martin Gaughan, Guy Julier, Mimi Wilms, Julian Holder and Paul Greenhalgh.The object of this book is to diffuse myths. If modernism has, in the past, been both absurdly praised and absurdly damned, Modernism in Design seeks to lift it out of this cycle, and to demonstrate that the modern movement could offer neither Jerusalem nor Babylon … In this, the book succeeds admirably.OCoDesigner's JournalWhile this collection of essays is aimed primarily at design historians and students of design history, hard-pressed practising designers and architects should make room for it on their bookshelves.



Modernism in Design (Critical Views) (Repost)

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