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Norman S. Brommelle, Perry Smith, Urushi

Norman S. Brommelle, Perry Smith, "Urushi"
Getty Conservation Inst | 1988 | ISBN: 0892360968 | English | PDF | 260 pages | 19.6 Mb
An in-depth examination of the Far Eastern lacquerware known as urushi, this book considers the art historical and scientific viewpoints and presents the priorities for urushi’s preservation and conservation. Table of Contents Prologue
Luis Monreal, Director, GCI
On the Chinese Kyushitsu Method Based on a Study of Kyushoku-l'Oku Documents
Hirokazu Arakawa
Innovations in Kodaiji Makie
Motoo Yoshimura
Chinese Guri Lacquers
George Kuwayama
Inro Research: Some Proposed Future Steps
Beatrix von Ragué
Sano Chokan, The Urushi Master, Studied through His Work
Akio Haino
Heidatsu and Hyomon in the Nara Period
Norimitsu Kimura
Origins of the Use of Urushi in Japan and Its Development
Yoshiyuki Kuraku
Lacquerware in the Unified Silla Period, with Special Reference to the Finds at Anapchi
Jongseok Lee
Urushi Coating and Color Painting Applied to Japanese Architectural Cultural
Yoshio Hasegawa
The Protection of Ancient Chinese Lacquerware

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Norman S. Brommelle, Perry Smith, Urushi

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