/ / Napoleon: His Wives and Women

Napoleon: His Wives and Women

Christopher Hibbert, "Napoleon: His Wives and Women"
ISBN: 0393052028, 0006531466 | 2010 | EPUB | 448 pages | 521 KB
As a soldier and an emperor, Napoleon was ruthless and determined; as a lover, he showed the same single-minded ferocity.
Christopher Hibbert introduces us to the many intriguing women behind Napoleon—from his strong-willed mother and three sisters to his varied wives and mistresses. This lively historical account reveals Napoleon's often neglected private life and passionate relationships, in which he wildly worshiped certain women as often as he disdained others. Vividly evoking the political and social upheavals of post-Revolutionary France, Hibbert captures the vibrant characters who made history, not only on the battlefield but also in the bedroom, including Josephine, the charming Creole from Martinique; the plain and pliant Marie-Louise of Austria; and Marie Walewska, the sumptuous young Polish countess who, despite initial reluctance, was persuaded by her elderly husband to fall in love with Napoleon. Praised by A. N. Wilson as an "outstanding popular historian," Hibbert dramatically brings to life the most intimate influences on Napoleon's turbulent career and character.

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Napoleon: His Wives and Women

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