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Water Power (Science Matters) (repost)

Water Power (Science Matters) by Christine Webster
English | 2005-05-31 | ISBN: 1590363086 | 24 pages | PDF | 6 MB
When a puddle dries up, where does all the water go? The science matters series provides a compelling introduction to key science topics, explaining concepts in a format that encourages reading and comprehension. Each title introduces a core science topic through visual diagrams, hands-on experiments, and fascinating biographies, all engagingly written.
Describes the different ways water has been used throughout history to create power, including waterwheels, steam engines, and hydroelectric dams.


Studying waterpower
Waterpower facts
Currents and tides page
Tidal power
Water energy history
The waterwheel
Steam power page
Water for electricity
Water cycle
Dam issues
Storing power
Advantages and disadvantages of waterpower
Other waterpower uses
Surfing waterpower science
Science in action, building a waterwheel
What have you learned?


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Water Power (Science Matters) (repost)

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