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Wheels and Axles

Sally M. Walker, Roseann Feldmann, Andy King, "Wheels and Axles"
2001 | pages: 49 | ISBN: 0822522195, 0822504006 | PDF | 6,9 mb
Grade 2-4-Written in simple language and sentences, these slim titles offer straightforward explanations of how things work. Starting with the basics, the material gradually builds upon readers' growing understanding of the concepts presented. The experiments suggested can be performed with little assistance and with materials found in the home. Clear, distinct, color photos of children demonstrating the activities on each page help reinforce the concepts, as do the many drawings and diagrams. Children will find these accessible titles informative, and may see their world in a different light after reading them. The narrow focus of each title may serve a purpose for classroom units.

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Wheels and Axles

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