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Elisabetta Ježek, The Lexicon: An Introduction

Elisabetta Ježek, "The Lexicon: An Introduction"
OUP | 2016 | ISBN: 0199601534/0199601542 | English | PDF | 249 pages | 2.6 Mb
This book provides an introduction to the study of words, their main properties and how we use them to create meaning. It offers a detailed description of the organizational principles of the lexicon, and of the categories used to classify various lexical phenomena, including polysemy, meaning variation, behaviour in composition, and the interface with pragmatics. Elisabetta Ježek uses empirical data from digitalized corpora and speakers' judgements, combined with the formalisms developed in the field of general and theoretical linguistics, to propose representations for each of these phenomena. The book's clear structure and accessible approach make it an ideal textbook for all students of linguistics and a valuable resource for scholars and students of language in the fields of cognitive science and philosophy. About the Author Elisabetta Ježek is an associate professor at the University of Pavia, where she has taught syntax and semantics and applied linguistics since 2001. Her research interests include lexical semantics, verb classification, theory of argument structure, event structure in syntax and semantics, lexicon/ontology interplay, word class systems, and computational lexicography. She has edited a number of major works in lexicography and published contributions focusing on the interplay between corpus analysis, research methodology, and linguistic theory.

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Elisabetta Ježek, The Lexicon: An Introduction

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