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Nike Culture: The Sign of the Swoosh

Robert Goldman, Stephen Papson, "Nike Culture: The Sign of the Swoosh"
English | 1999 | ISBN: 0761961496 | PDF | pages: 207 | 14 mb
This book is one of the first to take an in-depth look at how an advertising image works. It situates the Nike swoosh logo in terms of political economy, sociology, culture and semiotics.
Nike Culture describes and deconstructs the themes and structures of Nike's advertising, outlines the contradictions between image and practice, and explores the logic of the sign economy. In addition, by focusing on issues revolving around representations of race, class and gender, the desire for both community and recognition, and the construction of sport as a spiritual enterprise, the book offers insights into the cultural contradictions embedded in sports culture.

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Nike Culture: The Sign of the Swoosh

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