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Birth of the Chaordic Age

Birth of the Chaordic Age by Dee W. Hock
English | Jan. 1, 2000 | ISBN: 1576750744 | 345 Pages | EPUB | 595 KB
In Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee Hock argues that traditional organizational forms can no longer work because organizations have become too complex. Hock advocates a new organizational form that he calls ""chaordic, "" or simultaneously chaotic and orderly. He credits the worldwide success of VISA with its chaordic structure – it is owned by its member banks which both compete with each other for customers and must cooperate by honoring one another's transactions across borders and currencies. The book shows how these same chaordic concepts are now being put into practice in a broad range of business, social, community, and government organizations.

Birth of the Chaordic Age

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