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Photo Idea Index - People (Repost)

"Photo Idea Index - People: Ideas and Inspiration for Creating Professional-Quality Images Using Standard Digital Equipment" by Jim Krause
2010 | EPUB | 360 pages | ISBN: 1600610420 | English | 12 MB
Rethink, revitalize and reinvent the way you shoot portraits.

Photo Idea Index: People is a photography book unlike any other. Rather than focusing on the "how to" aspects of digital photography, author Jim Krause focuses on the "what if" aspects. You'll learn how to use your camera to photograph people around you from different perspectives and how to capture personal, beautiful digital images. You'll learn how subtle variations in setting, lighting, props and digital manipulation can change the look of an image dramatically.

Krause shares his shooting techniques—both on-site and post-shooting digital treatments—so you can train your eyes to look for situations that will allow you to capture unique shots and create remarkable compositions.

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Photo Idea Index - People (Repost)

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