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Winning Chess Endings (Repost)

Winning Chess Endings By Yasser Seirawan
Publisher: Everyman Chess | 2003 | ISBN: 1857443489 | 231 pages | PDF | 12,05 MB
Winning Chess Endings teaches endgame strategies in an exciting new way–by putting the player in the middle of the action with firsthand stories taken directly from famous matches. Pull up a chair and watch the world's most exciting chess endings. Then become an endgame master!

Winning Chess Endings explains how to:
Relentlessly find checkmates, from easy to hard, in all basic endgame patterns
Master the intricacies of King and Pawn Endings
Win consistently in the most common endgame–the Rook ending
Master the pros and cons of Bishop vs. Knight Endgames
Seize the advantage in Rook Pawn and Queen Pawn endings
Play like a grandmaster in solitaire endings To start download click HERE:



Winning Chess Endings (Repost)

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