/ / Winning With the King's Gambit (repost)

Winning With the King's Gambit (repost)

Joe Gallagher, "Winning With the King's Gambit"
ISBN: 0805026312 | edition 1993 | PDF | 192 pages | 14 mb
This is, to date, the most exciting book about the King's Gambit that I've read. It really does make you want to play! Unfortunately, when up against opponents who maintain good opening knowledge, some of the lines won't be very helpful. Still Gallagher does a good job explaining the concepts - e.g. benefits and drawbacks of trading an e4 pawn for the f4 pawn, how white's queenside majority can be an asset come endgame, etc - which makes the book excellent for those who want to dig deeper.



Winning With the King's Gambit (repost)

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