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The Know How of Cartooning

The Know How of Cartooning
Research Publishing Company | 1946 | ISBN: N/A | English | 65 pages | PDF | 24 MB

The book was written and drawn by Disney artist Ken Hultgren, who later did The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature (Dover Art Instruction); It's got some good-looking illustrations like all of the old Disney cartoons in the '40s, and it has some fun and educating stuff you see in several pages with the squirrel and chipmunk characters. To a certain extent, this book only served as a forerunner of what Preston's and Richard William's animation books were gonna be; In The Animator's Survival Kit (original and expanded), Dick borrowed some visual elements from Ken Hultgren's book; he even copied the bouncing ball drawings from Ken, which was later refined by Preston Blair.


The Know How of Cartooning

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