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Train Simple - Lightroom CC 6 Fundamentals

Train Simple - Lightroom CC 6 FundamentalsMP4 | AVC 637kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 4 hours | AAC stereo 128kbps | 1.96 GBGenre: Video Training
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Fundamentals covers the core concepts of the program. Whether you're using version CC or 6, the fundamentals are the same. Lightroom is a popular program for photographers, for managing and enhancing images. In this course, we introduce many of the program's capabilities and functions. First we review how to import photos from a variety of locations and cover the importance of the Lightroom catalog. Next you'll learn ways to manage your photos by reviewing them, rating them and organizing them with collections. We’ll also review how to work on your images on the road by using Smart Previews. Finally we introduce the Develop module and its features to improve images by adjusting tone and color, cropping and fixing perspective, converting to black and white, reducing noise, and sharpening. Local adjustments are covered by reviewing the Adjustment Brush, Radial Filter, Graduated Filter, and Spot Removal tools.

1. Importing Photos
What is Lightroom?
Understanding Catalogs
Where to Save Your Files
Importing Photos
Importing from a Camera or Memory Card
Display Preferences

2. Library Module's Components
Lightroom Interface View Options
Interface Preferences
Library Module Overview
The Grid View
The Loupe View
Selecting Images
Compare and Survey Views

3. Managing Photos in the Library Module
Rating, Labels, and Flags
Organizing Images with Collections
Using Quick Collection
Rename and Target Collection Commands
Smart Collections
Keywording and Keyword List
Finding Images based on Keywords
Using Metadata Filters
Stacking Photos
Moving Files and Folders
Renaming Photos
Using Smart Previews

4. Introducing the Develop Module
Getting to Know the Workspace
Working with Presets
Cropping Images
Lens Correction - Upright Commands
Basic Panel - White Balance
Understanding the Histogram
Tonal Adjustments
Presence Sliders
Tone Curve - Region Tone
Tone Curve - Point Tone
Adjust Colors with the HSL Panel
Black and White Conversions
Reduce Noise
Sharpening an Image
Creating Virtual Copies

5. Local Adjustments
Adjustment Brush
Radial Filter
Graduated Filter
Spot Removal Tool pt.1
Spot Removal Tool pt.2

6. Output Considerations
Soft Proofing
Exporting Photos
Backing Up the Catalog


Train Simple - Lightroom CC 6 Fundamentals

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