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Build the Ultimate Home Theater PC

Ed Tittel, Mike Chin, "Build the Ultimate Home Theater PC"
2005 | pages: 452 | ISBN: 0471755494 | PDF | 7,3 mb
You love tinkering with technology. The digital lifestyle is your lifestyle. So building your own Home Theater PC just might be as entertaining as using it. In these pages, a couple of fellow tinkerers explain the components and subsystems of a Home Theater PC and help you choose and pur- chase parts, assemble and test the PC, install Windows(r) Media Center Edition, and get the whole thing up and running. Then, invite your friends over and watch 'em turn green.

All you need to know

Clear, step-by-step instructions, complete with parts lists, pictures, and diagrams
* What makes it an HTPC
* Choosing the CPU and memory
* Graphics, video, and HTPC audio
* Monitors and displays
* Networking your HTPC
* Remotes-and how many you can lose
* Installing MCE 2005
* Your choice-P4, Pentium M, or Athlon 64
* Maximizing your multimedia experience
* . . . and more!

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Build the Ultimate Home Theater PC

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