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Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series - Part I

Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series - Part I
Springer | Matmematics | 1999 - 2015 | ISSN: 1615-2085 | 30 Books | pdf | 315.39 mb
Series Editors: Chaplain, M.A.J., Erdmann, K., MacIntyre, A., Süli, E., Tehranchi, M.R., Toland, J.F.

About this Series

The Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series (SUMS) is a series designed for undergraduates in mathematics and the sciences worldwide. From core foundational material to final year topics, SUMS books take a fresh and modern approach. Textual explanations are supported by a wealth of examples, problems and fully-worked solutions, with particular attention paid to universal areas of difficulty. These practical and concise texts are designed for a one- or two-semester course but the self-study approach makes them ideal for independent use.

Titles In this Series - Part 1 Linear Algebra (2015)
The Real and the Complex: A History of Analysis in the 19th Century (2015)
Essential Partial Differential Equations (2015)
Methods of Mathematical Modelling (2015)
Algebra for Applications (2015)
Mathematical Writing (2014)
Multivariate Calculus and Geometry (2014)
Ordinary Differential Equations (2014)
Algebraic Number Theory (2014)
From Real to Complex Analysis (2014)
An Introduction to Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series (2014)
Basic Linear Algebra (2002)
Measure, Integral and Probability (2004)
Further Linear Algebra (2002)
Elementary Differential Geometry (2001)
Understanding Markov Chains (2013)
Probability Models (2013)
Measure, Integral and Probability (1999)
Topologies and Uniformities (1999)
Hyperbolic Geometry (1999)
Basic Linear Algebra (1998)
Linear Functional Analysis (2000)
Introductory Mathematics: Applications and Methods (1998)
Fields, Flows and Waves (2003)
Complex Analysis (2003)
Essential Mathematical Biology (2003)
Information and Coding Theory (2000)
Sets, Logic and Categories (1998)
Introduction to Ring Theory (2000)
Elements of Abstract Analysis (2002)
Special Relativity (2003)

Fields And Disciplines Mathematics
Computer Science
Life Sciences

Topics And Subdisciplines Analysis
Theoretical, Mathematical & Computational Physics
Computational Science & Engineering
Dynamical Systems
Theoretical Computer Science
Computational Intelligence and Complexity
History of Mathematics
Quantitative Finance
Classical Continuum Physics
Statistical Theory and Methods
Astronomy, Observations and Techniques
Image Processing
Information Systems and Applications
Physical & Information Science
Security and Cryptology

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Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series - Part I

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