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Combat Jiu Jitsu for Offense and Defense

S. R. Linck - Combat Jiu Jitsu for Offense and Defense
Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Co. | 1943 | ISBN: N/A | English | 126 pages | DjVu | 3.83 MB
Here is the true form of Combat Jiu Jitsu and not what is commonly known as wrestling Jiu Jitsu or Judo. Practically all of the material in this book is New Knowledge to the Western Hemisphere and covers the methods of combat as practiced by the ancient Samurai Warrior of Japan (see page 8); being published by Mr. Linck for the first time in book form. This book clearly illustrates and explains in a concise yet understandable manner, Combat holds, Throws, Chokes, Blows, and Counters, with numerous references to complete Anatomy Charts with Medical Analysis, showing Pressure Points, Nerves, Arteries and Organs (see pages 13-24). Also for your assistance, Part II-Correct detailed Methods for Blows and Holds, has been incorporated herein (see pages 25-32). Much of the material herein can be extremely severe, may cause injury, even death. The student, therefore, should exercise great care in practicing this material until he is aware of how far a hold can safely be taken. Great stress has been placed on simplicity of explanation. You will note also that each illustration is accompanied by its own text. Should you ask yourself the question, "Can I learn Combat Jiu Jitsu from this book?"-the answer is an emphatic "Yes".

Linck, author;
Author’s introduction;
Brief history of S.R. Linck;
Ancient Japanese anatomy charts of jiu-jitsu.

Part I. Anatomy charts.
Full front chart and analysis (Charts A, B, & C).
Partial anatomy charts-Front; Back and side; Hands and analysis; Hands and arms; Legs and feet.

Part II. Correct detailed methods for blows and holds.
Little finger edge of hand blow.
Single knuckle drive.
Wedge knuckle drive.
Spear or end of finger drive.
Heel of hand drive.
Heel drive.
Forearm blow.
Hand throw grips.
Lock grip.
Scoop grip.
Testicle grip.
Leverage thumb grip.
Correct and incorrect choke.
Knee bunt.

Part III. Surprise attack from handshaking position.
Chouter against handshake by nerve pressure.
Handshake with leverage on thumb.
No. 2 Handshake.
No. 3 Handshake.

Part IV. Come-alongs.
No. 1, 1a, 2, & 3 Come-along Overcoming braced resistance.

Part V. Counters against grasped wrists and arms and pushing.
No. 1 Counter against grasped wrist.
No. 2 Counter against grasped wrist.
Variation "B" of No. 2 Counter against grasped wrist.
Variation "C" of No. 2 Counter against grasped wrist.
No. 3 Counter against grasped wrist.
No. 4 Cokuknter against grasped wrist Coukknter against pushing.

Part VI. Defensive and offensive holds and throws.
Leverage on thumb.
Leverage hold on arm.
Leverage throw form the front.
Leverage throw to the front and down.
Throw to the rear with arm break and choke.
1, 2, 3, whip.
Under the arm and throw.
No. 1, 2, Handthrow.
No. 3 Handthrow with wrist break.
Twist with abdomen blow.

Part VII. Choke holds.
No. 1 & 2 Choke (from front).
No. 3 & 4 Choke (from rear).

Part VIII. Simple, quick and effective blows.
Jerk and swing.
Concussion blow to ears.

Part IX. "Linck-stick".
Grips and blows with "Linck-stick".



Combat Jiu Jitsu for Offense and Defense

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