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Dynamic Judo grappling techniques

Kazuzo Kudo - Dynamic Judo grappling techniques
Japan Publications | 1968 | ISBN: N/A | English | 220 pages | PDF | 152.8 MB
This is one of the best available books on katame waza. The pictures are VERY good, given its age.
All techniques are shown in sequence photography, with detailed descriptions, tips and advice from Kudo. Contents include:
Throwing Techniques: Preface, Contents, About Judo, Folio of Champions.
Fundamentals: the throwing techniques, positions, standing together, where to look, body movement, using your strength, forcing your opponent off balance, preparatory moves and attack, falling methods, throwing traniing.
Hand Techniques: Tai-otoshi, seoi-nage, ippon-seoi-nage, kata-guruma, uki-otoshi, sumni-nage, soto-makikomi, morote-gari, kuchiki-taoshi.
Hip Techniques: Harai-goshi, uki-goshi, tsuri-komi-goshi, sode-tsuri-komi-goshi, hane-goshi, hane-makikomi, uchimata, ogoshi, koshi-guruma, ushiro-goshi, utsuri-goshi, tsuri-goshi.
Leg Techniques: Ouchi-gari, osoto-gari, sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi, harai-tsuri-komi-ashi, okuri-ashi-barai, deashi-barai, tsubame-gaeshi, kouchi-gari, kouchi-barai, kouchi-gake, kosoto-gari, kosoto-barai, kosotogake, nidan-kosoto-gari, nidan-kosoto-gake, hiza-guruma, ashi-guruma, osoto guruma, oguruma, kani-hasami.
Rear-fall throws & Side-fall throuws: Tomoe-nage, Ura-hage, Sumi-gaeshi, Uki-Waza, Yoko-gake, Yoko-guruma, Yoko-otoshi, Tani-otoshi, No-waki.



Dynamic Judo grappling techniques

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