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Steve Grody - Modified Chi Sao

Steve Grody - Modified Chi Sao
DVD5 | .ISO, VIDEO_TS, NTSC, 5965 kbps, 720x480 | English, AC3, 192 kbps, 2 Ch | 55 mins | 2.43 GB
Subject: Martial Arts
The thrust of this DVD is less about how to play the game of chi sao (sticky hands) with another chi sao adept, and more about how it fits into useful fighting skill in the naturally sloppy world of combative instincts.

This DVD includes; individual hand roles/applications; outside/inside defensive, outside/inside offensive, luk sao, drills from the roll, active/passive changes, non-standard additions, five ways of attack within chi sao, gua chuie cycle, single hand patterns, entry (clean and messy), loose boxing to chi sao and back, adding kicks.

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Steve Grody - Modified Chi Sao

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