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The Filipino Martial Arts

The Filipino Martial Arts
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Genre: Sport, Martial Arts, Self-Defense
This 6 DVD set features Dan Inosanto - one of the most respected Kali/Arnis/Escrima instructors in the world. Vol 1: An overview, this DVD gives the viewer glimpses of every aspect of Dan's system. Included are: single stick, double stick, empty hands, knife fighting, advanced balisong fighting, disarms, breaks, fighting techniques, ancient weapons and more.

Vol 2: This DVD features an introduction to the ancient weaponry of the Filipino martial arts, aspects of the single stick including grips, striking angles and disarms. Sinawali with the double stick, footwork, empty hands and more.

Vol 3: This DVD features energy drills with both sticks and empty hands, coordination drills flow and more.

Vol 4: This DVD features long and short stick training, counters, snaking and stripping disarms, solo training, close quarter combat and more.

Vol 5: This DVD continues with training for the long and short stick, disarms, angles of attack, defenses and more.

Vol 6: This tape features training with the Fighting Man Dummy demonstrating disarms, Sinawali, the Tabak Toyok and empty hand techniques. Also included are sections on full-contact training and Bruce Lee's 1 & 3 inch punch.

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The Filipino Martial Arts

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