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Time Switching

Time Switching: The Advanced Method of Time Management for Self-Education by Victor Sazonov
English | 2016 | ISBN-10: 1530814154 | 47 pages | ePUB, MOBI | 150 KB
The Method of Time Switching
For the last ten years, technological progress has significantly changed time management by creating new methods and tools for managing time that were not widely available before. In this book, you will not read about the traditional techniques of time management. However, you will learn about the new advanced method for managing your time, which is not widely known. This method is used by only a few of the most successful people around the world.
The method of time switching will allow you to find a few additional hours a day that were previously invisible, thus enabling you to learn faster and surpass most people in the quest to acquire knowledge.

The Concept of Everyday Structures
Almost every person has a type of daily schedule characterized by morning and evening routines. People have a tendency to do a particular set of activities at the same time every day. The concept of Everyday Structures will help you to understand which of the recurring activities are the most relevant and can act as a first domino that will cause other dominos to fall.

Self-Motivation: Behavioral Approach
This book also uncovers and describes the six ways to influence and motivate ourselves in highly subtle and powerful ways using six approaches from behavioral science. The book provides some of the most substantial ways to motivate yourself based on scientifically proven patterns of human.

Time Switching

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