/ / Classical Guitar Finger-Picking: Right Hand Arpeggios

Classical Guitar Finger-Picking: Right Hand Arpeggios

Classical Guitar Finger-Picking: Right Hand Arpeggios
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Learn how to pick with your right hand fingers accurately and confidently with this easy- to- follow course

This is a short, easy-to-follow course where you will learn how to use your right hand fingers to pluck the strings in a variety of musical contexts so that you'll be able to play the pieces that you love with accuracy and confidence.

The sounds and the music that you can make on the guitar with your right-hand fingers is beautiful and complex, but that doesn't mean that playing with your right-hand needs to be complicated or difficult. You'll start by learning the most important principles of using your right hand fingers to play, and by then gradually building on these skills, you'll be able to play guitar better and express yourself with more interesting and complex music.

You're going to really enjoy this course if you would like:

to start playing guitar with your right-hand fingers
to learn the correct way to play the strings with your right-hand fingers and avoid bad habits
to learn how to sound like 2 people at once by playing a melody and a finger-picked accompaniment at the same time
to impress others with your ability to play guitar music that's sounds more challenging and interesting
The premise of the course is straightforward, that if you want to play music that has more than 1 part going on at a time, then it's necessary to use your right hand fingers to play the strings. The most common way to use your right-hand fingers to finger-pick on the guitar is to play an arpeggio. In the course, you'll learn what that means and you'll see there doesn't need to be anything difficult or stressful about that, and you don't need any special background or skills to learn how to finger-pick.

You'll start by learning the basics of playing an arpeggio with your right-hand fingers, then you'll move on to playing an arpeggio pattern while you have a melody playing at the same time, first in the highest voice, and then in the lowest voice. You'll move on to some useful picking patterns and approaches, and you'll wrap up with a bonus section on a more challenging technique called tremolo.

By the end of the course, you and everyone who listens to you play will be able to hear a difference as you play music that sounds more complex and interesting.

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Classical Guitar Finger-Picking: Right Hand Arpeggios

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