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Mixing and Mastering With D.Ramirez

Mixing and Mastering With D.Ramirez
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With the Mixing and Mastering online music production course, you will learn how to get your music sounding fat, crisp and ready to play on the biggest systems.
Follow D.Ramirez one of the worlds top electronic music producers as he Mixes and masters his latest track right before your eyes. From the very basics of working with stems, to compression, limiting and mix-down techniques. D.Ramirez will recommend his favorite plug-ins and show you how to apply them to your music to make it sound huge!!
This a fantastic course for the more experienced producers looking to take their music that one stage further..
This course is for Intermediate and advanced logic users and music producers, and will be great to users of earlier versions of Logic looking to expand their skills in Logic X.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like, the course notes are yours to keep and download onto your computer, aswell as a free sample pack with samples from top producer D.Ramirez

Section 1 - Lesson 1 Mixing Environment
Section 1 - Lesson 2 Room Treatment
Section 1 - Lesson 3 Headphones
Section 1 - Lesson 4 Working with stems

Section 2 - Lesson 1 Creating Your Stems
Section 2 - Lesson 2 Creating a mix template
Section 2 - Lesson 3 Adding stems to arrangement
Section 2 - Lesson 4 Organising Stems Part1
Section 2 - Lesson 5 Organising Stems Part 2
Section 2 - Lesson 6 Creating Screen sets
Section 2 - Lesson 7 The Monitor Mix
Section 2 - Lesson 8 Bussing and Routing

Section 3 - Lesson 2 Pe-master Sidechaining
Section 3 - Lesson 3 Mix Tip Don't be seduced by treble
Section 3 - Lesson 4 Mix Tip Aviod Low Frequency Rumble
Section 3 - Lesson 5 Mix Tip Bus Your Double Sounds
Section 3 - 6 Mix Tip Learn To EQ like the pros
Section 3 - Lesson 7 Mixing the kick drums
Section 3 - Lesson 8 Mixing the Claps
Section 3 - Lesson 9 Mixing the Loop and Hats
Section 3 - Lesson 10 Master Bus Compression
Section 3 - Lesson 11 Mixing the Bass Lines

Section 4 - 1 Intro to vocal production
Section 4 - Lesson 2 Tightening Up The Vocal Performance Using Flex Time
Section 4 - Lesson 3 Using Vocalign
Section 4 - Lesson 4 Bouncing Vocalign In Place
Section 4 - Lesson 5 Using Strip Silence on Vocals
Section 4 - Lesson 6 Tuning Vocals In Flex Pitch
Section 4 - Lesson 7 Mixing The Female Vocal PT1
Section 4 - Lesson 7 Mixing The Female Vocal PT2
Section 4 - Lesson 8 Bouncing the female vocal PT1
Section 4 - Lesson 9 Mixing Female Vocals PT2
Section 4 - Lesson 10 Mixing Male Vocals PT1
Section 4 - Lesson 11 Mixing Male Vocals PT2
Section 4 - Lesson 12 Mixing Female Vocals into the track
Section 4 - Lesson 13 Mixing Male Vocals into the track
Section 4 - Lesson 14 Adding Delay And Reverb To The Vocals

Section 5 - Lesson 1 Mixing the Pads
Section 5 -Lesson 2 Mixing the Pads PT2
Section 5 - Lesson 3 Mixing The Main Melody
Section 5 - Lesson 4 Mixing The Electro Riff
Section 5 - Lesson 5 Mixing The Jupiter Melody
Section 5 - Lesson 6 Mixing The FX
Section 5 - Lesson 7 Mixing Guitar and String
Section 5 - Lesson 8 Mixing Piano and Extra Vox
Section 5 - Lesson 9 Final Thoughts And Mix Tweaks

Section 6 - Lesson 1 Mastering Intro
Section 6 - Lesson 2 Mastering Chain
Section 6 - Lesson 3 Vintage Warmer and Compressor
Section 6 - Lesson 4 Brainworx BX Digital V2 EQ
Section 6 - Lesson 5 Working with stems
Section 6 - lesson 6 Saturation
Section 6 - Lesson 7 Limiting and Loudness

Once you create your free username and password you can then sign up for any of our courses, you can start the course straight away, there is no need to wait for a starting date, and the lessons can be viewed in your own time and are available 24/7. We recommend that you spend time inside the program after each lesson to grasp the techniques that are being taught.

The course is delivered inside the SubBass Online training zone, where the lesson videos are streamed in HD and where you can download your courses notes and course material such as templates and free sample packs. Each lesson is between 5 and 20 minutes long, and we recommend viewing the lessons in stages so you can really grasp all the techniques.

The first time you complete a course, you must complete the course in the correct order, unlocking the new lessons as you go. After that you can re-watch the lessons as many times as you like. We do not charge a monthly subscription, so you only pay for the courses you want to take. The time the course takes is dependent on how often you log in and carry on learning, each course you purchase will be available for you in your course library for 3 months, which means once you have completed the course, you will have time to re-cover and re-cap as many times as you like.

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Mixing and Mastering With D.Ramirez

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