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Music (Experimenting with Everyday Science) (repost)

Music (Experimenting with Everyday Science) by Stephen M. Tomecek
English | 2010 | ISBN: 1604131691 | 166 pages | PDF | 7,9 Mb
From the music that thumps through a listener's headphones to the strains of an orchestra tuning up for a performance, science plays a vital role in how we hear and create music. Music examines what music is and how scientific principles help control how it is made, and also delves into the histories and workings of different types of musical instruments.

Explore the roots of modern techno music, find out who invented the first synthesizer, and discover how modern electronics have changed the way music is made. Hands-on activities allow a closer look into such topics as how the tension in a drumhead helps control the pitch and how opera singers can break glass with only their voices.

Safety Precautions: Review Before Starting Any Experiment
1 The Science of Sound
Experiment 1: Selected Sound Makers
Experiment 2: How Vibration Speed and Size Affect Waves
Experiment 3: Making Longitudinal Waves
Experiment 4: Refl ecting Sound Waves
Experiment 5: controlling instrument Volume
Experiment 6: How Speed of Vibrations Affects Pitch of Sound
2 Early Music Makers
Experiment 7: controlling the Pitch of Sound with Your Mouth
Experiment 8: controlling Vocal cords
Experiment 9: Musical Wood Blocks
Experiment 10: Effect of Tube Length on Sound Pitch
Experiment 11: Song Rhythm vs. Note Timing
3 Instruments with Strings
Experiment 12: creating Tension on a Vibrating String
Experiment 13: Octaves and intervals
Experiment 14: Sounds from Vibrating Rubber Bands
Experiment 15: Resonance and Musical instruments
Experiment 16: Amplifying Sound with Resonators
4 The Wind Instruments
Experiment 17: controlling the Pitch of Recorders and Song Flutes
Experiment 18: creating Sounds with a Trombone
Experiment 19: Making a Didgeridoo to Test Resonance
Experiment 20: How a Wind instrument’s Shape Affects its Sound
Experiment 21: Vibrations Through Various Materials
5 Percussion Instruments
Experiment 22: Creating an Idiophone
Experiment 23: Playing Resonant Water Glasses
Experiment 24: Testing Sounds of Metal Bracket Chimes
Experiment 25: Controlling Drum Head Sound
6 Modern Modes of Music
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Music (Experimenting with Everyday Science) (repost)

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