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Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones' Greatest Albums

"Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones' Greatest Albums" by Marilou Regan
2013 | EPUB | 86 pages | ASIN: B00CS3NROI | English | 0.2 MB
The Rolling Stones.

They are the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time.

Over 50 years, the band have recorded an amazing range of studio albums, from 'The Rolling Stones', released in 1964, to 'A Bigger Bang', released in 2005.

Many of them are among the most innovative, most daring, and most exciting, in rock history.

But which is their greatest album?

The 1960's masterwork 'Let It Bleed'?

The 1970's classic 'Exile on Main Street'?

Or the stunning return to form that was 'Some Girls'?

In 'Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones’ Greatest Albums' the author and die-hard Stones fan Marilou Regan, discusses their top five albums.

Regan selects her albums, describing the situation of the band at the time they were recorded, and analysing each track.

Her choices are controversial.

Many Stones fans will disagree.

But whether these albums are on your ‘top five list’ or not 'Satisfaction' is a must-read for Stones fans - and a great introduction to their music.

Marilou Regan is an award winning professional journalist, who has written extensively on The Rolling Stones. Regan is also the publisher/editor of the Rolling Stones fanzine. She lives in Philadelphia.

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Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones' Greatest Albums

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