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Tchaikovsky (Life and Works (Naxos)) by Jeremy Siepmann
Publisher: Naxos (November 2003) | ISBN: 1843790009 | Language: English | Audio CD in MP3 / 128Kbps 44 kHz JS ~ 4 hours 10 mins duration | 240 MB
The Life and Works series presents the life and works of the major composers. The recording is illustrated with quotations from the composer and his contemporaries, enhanced by extended musical extracts from representative works. An extended companion booklet (over 150 pages) containing extensive essays and notes on the composer and his times accompanies each autobiography. "terrific idea, this, and very well done. The format is to weave a selection of each composer's musical output around the narrated story of their lives, coloured by contemporary articles and writings read by actors…The actors breathe life into the contemporary material to make for rewarding and entertaining discs" Classic FM Magazine
About the Author
Tchaikovsky; Tchaikovsky is one of the most popular composers of all time. His melodies are known to many people who may never have heard his name. They crop up on mobile telephones, alarm clocks and answering machines as often as on records and concert programmes. Like his music, the man himself was widely loved, but his inner life was fraught with sufferings, confusions and a deep vein of self-doubt. The drama of is emotional life is vividly reflected in his music, letters and diaries, all of which play a major part in this intimate portrait-insound. Jeremy Siepmann; American-born, Jeremy Siepmann has been long resident in the UK where he has contributed to many leading music journals, including The New Statesman, The Musical Times, Gramophone and the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. He is equally well known as a broadcaster on both sides of the Atlantic, and especially

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