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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Six Sonatas (K.10-15)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Six Sonatas (K.10-15)"
Publisher: G.Schirmer | 1987 | ISBN: 0793554306 | English | PDF | 68 pages | 101.3 Mb
The six Sonatas for flute and piano presented in this edition were written by Mozart when he was eight years old. They are dedicated to the Queen of England under the following title:

“Six Sonates pour le clavecin qui peuvent se jouer avec violon ou flaute traversiere, tres humblement dediees a Sa Majeste Charlotte, Reine de la Grande Bretagne, composees par J. G. Wolfgang Mozart, age de 8 ans. Oeuvre III, London.”

As soon as one approaches these Sonatas, one is astonished by the genius, and matured thought already apparent in a child; all what will be found in Mozart later on is already potentially here in these works. Nevertheless, in spite of the promising title for flutists, it is obvious that they were written more for violin than flute; very often, the writing is too low for the register of the flute, and the use of chords is frequent; all this implies, without doubt, that the violin was a second instrument in Mozart’s mind and not the flute. Besides this, the violin (or flute) part is, for most of the time, an accompaniment in the full sense of the word. It is not too rewarding for either the violinist or the flutist, even by playing an octave higher the sections which were not playable on the flute (as it was done frequently at that time). |

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Six Sonatas (K.10-15)

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