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Music business: marketing for musicians or bands

Music business: marketing for musicians or bands
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The business of music: marketing for a musician or band based on an interview with Sarantos.

This is a course for aspiring musicians and artists. The course will teach you how to correctly promote your work on social media and other online marketing strategies.

The course is a mixture of an interview with a musician named Sarantos who is successfully using social media to promote his music, and tutorials from me on some of the common marketing and business practices that musicians and artists should be aware of.

The course is nearly all video, which is the preferred format of Udemy courses.

What To Expect From The Course
Don't expect to become a star overnight. The course notes many good practices, and has a number of examples and suggestions for the right ways to do things. But it will be up to you to try things out and correctly implement the strategies discussed in the course.

Best of luck!

What are the requirements?
- Interest in promoting your music online
- Interest in using social media to promote art or music

What am I going to get from this course?
- Over 17 lectures and 1 hour of content!
- You will understand how to promote your music as an independent musician
- You will learn from an example of one musician who made a name for himself using social media
- Know how to use social media to get exposure
- Know how to raise money for your music
- Know how to differentiate yourself

What is the target audience?
- Musicians
- Artists

Music business: marketing for musicians or bands

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