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Teaching the Best Practice Way (repost)

Teaching the Best Practice Way by Harvey Daniels, Marilyn Bizar
English | 2004 | ISBN-10: 1571104054 | PDF | 360 pages | 3,6 MB
The seven methods or structures include: 1) Reading as thinking; 2) Representing to learn; 3) Small-group activities; 4) Classroom workshop; 5) Authentic experiences; 6) Reflective assessment; and 7) Integrative units. They encourage more of the following in the classroom: Experiential, inductive, hands-on learning; time devoted to reading whole, real books; choice for students; attention to varying cognitive and affective styles of individual students; delivery of special help to students in regular classrooms; and reliance on teachers' descriptive evaluation of student growth, including anecdotal observations.

As a natural consequence of good teaching, Best Practice kids become powerful learners, proficient readers, writers, and thinkers. The authors also advise focused coaching when standardized test time comes around.

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Teaching the Best Practice Way (repost)

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