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Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography For Dummies

Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography For Dummies by Thomas Clark
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0470930632 | 336 pages | EPUB | 50 MB
Master macro techniques and capture brilliant up-close photos

Macro photography uses specialty lenses and advanced digital cameras to capture stunning up-close images. This book helps you understand the nuances of macro techniques so you can take unique and remarkable close-up digital photos. Equipment recommendations, helpful tips, and coverage of specialized elements that are exclusive to macro photography all aim to make you more savvy and comfortable with macro and close-up techniques. In addition, the easy-to-follow steps and suggested exercises go a long way to make you more familiar with your camera's capabilities so that you can take fantastic photos.

Introduces the techniques of macro photography and explores how to capture stunning close-up digital photos
Reviews using macro lenses, extension tubes, reversing rings, and other camera equipment and accessories
Shares tips for exposure and lighting techniques in the macro format
Addresses depth of field, working distance, and framing when shooting
Covers where to find subjects to shoot and setting up your macro studio

With full-color examples and technique comparisons, this fun and friendly book presents step-by-step guidance for taking your close-up photography skills to the next level.

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Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography For Dummies

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