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Model Release (Repost)

Richard Kern, Lucy McKenzie, "Model Release"
2002 | pages: 53 | ISBN: 3822819832, 3822874280 | EPUB | 18,4 mb
There's something odd about Richard Kern's most recent photographs. They're so fresh.
These are not typical soft-porn photos of the look-at-me-so-young-and-sexy variety. From bondage to leather to latex to guns, Kern is known for incorporating all of the elements of fetish imagery into his photos. These days, though, his girls are less equipped. They also smile a lot.

Kern, long involved in the New York punk scene, has gained recognition not only for his photography but also for his underground short films of the 80s and 90s (in 1994 he also wrote and directed a video for the alternative rock group Marilyn Manson.)

This volume features Kern's recent work, a testament to the new phase in his photography. Saturated colors and bright atmospheric lighting accentuate his pretty-but-not-perfect young nude subjects. Still sticking with the "no airbrush" motto, Kern's unpretentious, honest photos draw the viewer in close; sometimes it almost feels like you're right there. Imperfections galore, these sophisticated snapshots show it like it really is. Fans of Kern's previous work will find this new direction refreshing.

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Model Release (Repost)

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