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A Scholar's Path by Peter Min-Liang Chen

A Scholar's Path: An Anthology of Classical Chinese Poems and Prose of Chen Qing Shan, a Pioneer Writer of Malayan-singapore Literature by Peter Min-Liang Chen
English | June 25, 2010 | ISBN: 9814317489 | 636 Pages | PDF | 11.3 MB
English translation and appreciation by Peter Chen and Michael Tan Reviewed by Chan Chiu Ming An original English translation from the Chinese text: Comprises 60 poems (85 verses) and three prose compositions Opens a window to the heart and mind of a Chinese scholar who lived from the late Qing through the 1950s Reflects the life of a pioneer writer of Malayan-Singapore Chinese Literature: his personal tragedies, struggles, disappointments and the joy in his family, friends and his poetry English explanations for many interesting expressions and allusions used in Chinese classical poetry Enables an English language reader to enjoy the rich and colourful heritage of Chinese culture and language A companion edition of the book in Chinese is available - the original classical text translated into modern Chinese and profusely annotated by Associate Professor Dr Chan Chiu Ming of National Institute of Education, Singapore.


A Scholar's Path by Peter Min-Liang Chen

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