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EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse: Prepping for Tomorrow Series

EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse: Prepping for Tomorrow (Volume 2) by Bobby Akart
English | Jan. 16, 2016 | ISBN: 1523444665 | 268 Pages | MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 4.1 MB
A threat from above to America's soft underbelly below. EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse is a thorough analysis of the threats our nation faces from a devastating Electromagnetic Pulse, whether delivered by a nuclear weapon, or a powerful solar flare blast from our sun. This detailed book not only provides a historical perspective, but it discusses the present day uses of EMP weaponry and the steps you can take to be prepared.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. ~ Albert Einstein

From the bestselling author of CYBER WARFARE, Bobby Akart brings a poignant analysis of the threats our nation faces from a devastating Electromagnetic Pulse attack with:
EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse

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In poll after poll, one of the threats facing our nation is the use of an electromagnetic pulse weapon to cause a grid down scenario. There are many bad actors on the international stage capable of terrorism on a massive scale. The list is long, including Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and now even terrorist groups like ISIS. Each is capable of wreaking havoc in the United States by shutting down our power grid and enjoying the resulting chaos.
EMP is a primer on the threats we face as a nation from the rogue nations mentioned above. It explores the history of electromagnetic pulse technology, and discusses its use for both military and non-military purposes.
Freedom Preppers came together in 2011 to share research with others on the subject of prepping. Originally designed as an informational website, quickly grew in prominence as its articles on preparedness were shared around the web. The goal of the Prepping for Tomorrow series is twofold. First, provide a detailed analysis of the threats we face as Americans. Second, give new and seasoned preppers alike the opportunity to enhance their preparedness plan with this knowledge.
NOW AVAILABLE in the Prepping for Tomorrow series:
ECONOMIC COLLAPSE (Coming April 2016)

"Bobby's attention to detail and real world scenarios assures The Boston Brahmin series will immerse the reader in a world of political suspense and post-apocalyptic thriller fiction." - Steven Konkoly, best selling author of The Perseid Collapse Series
Bobby Akart possesses the analytic capability of a supercomputer coupled with the expressiveness of an exceptional writer." ~ Amazon Reviews
"A terrifyingly realistic, prescient new series … which can only be described as prophetic." - G. Michael Hopf, best selling author of The New World series.
"Considering how intertwined financial markets and computers are these days, Bobby Akart's warning resonates like Paul Revere riding through the streets of Boston." - Joseph Souza, award winning author of Unpaved Surfaces

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EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse: Prepping for Tomorrow Series

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