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The Inside Story Of Isis

the inside story of isis: The dramatic rise of isis, capturing large territory, having strong & professional army, oil rich land, How isis is managing to administrate such a large territory. by muhammad asim
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In 2011 following the outbreak of demonstration in ramadi, which followed by a series of demonstration all over iraq and demanded for the resignation of iraqi then prime minister. Instead of dialogue the iraqi govt started crackdown against the sunni demonstraters led the country to an all out civil war.

During one of these demonstration a black flag raised among the demonstrator, soon this flag become the ideal flag of every Sunni man as they were the one who promised them to take vengeance from the government of the cruel killings of Sunni Muslims during the crackdown.
With support of middle class Sunni families and backing by the Sunni tribesman the group under the name of ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ started their first operation to wipe out Iraqi army from a Sunni dominated province of ANBAR under the code name of ANBAR CAMPAIGN. The cities and towns fell to them with such shocking speed that even some of the leaders of the group themselves surprised by their victories.
Soon they expanded their territory to Syria by taking active part in Syria civil war and grabbed oil rich land of Syria. With the capturing territory in Syria the group renamed itself as the ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND SYRIA or simply ISIS or ISIL.
After the shocking rise of ISIS the international community feel fear of expansion of this group to eastern Europe, gulf states and south Asia. So a coalition of 14 countries led by united states of America started its air mission against Isis targets mainly in Iraq rarely in Syria. but due to guerilla warfare and lack of intelligence reports from the ground the group succeeded to tackle the threat initially opposed by the air strikes and besides intensive air strikes they succeeded to expand their territory further more.
In September 2015 following of the formal request from Syria, Russia started its aerial campaign against the group, the commitment of the Russian president to defeat Isis praised throughout the world, Russian started intensive airstrikes against the Isis positions in Syria and unlike the US led coalition these air strikes proved effectively as the Syrian army gained ground and halt the advances of the rebel and Isis fighters.
but the resilience of the Isis once again stunned the world as though these airstrikes were effective as compared to the previous mission led by US but still it was not enough to break the operational momentum of the Isis fighters and its main reason is their administration framework.
Unlike hundreds of other terrorist and insurgent groups, Isis has maintained a unique administration structure, they announce their ministries for different services such as civil services, war ministry, finance ministry, oil ministry, information ministry, cyber ministry e.t.c followed by a complete structure of beauracracy, they are taking taxes from the civilians and providing them services which make them enable to keep in contact with the civilian population and make them unique from other terrorist organizations.
Unlike other insurgent groups which is mainly consist of emotionally motivated fighter, the army of Isis consist of professional fighter, as they collecting funds and selling their oils from the oil fields under their control so they paying their fighters and paying them well. An average fighter of Isis get $200-400 dollars per month.
Also some of the Sunni Muslim states such as turkey, KSA and UAE is backing them due to their own interests in Iraq and Syria. Iranian block and Saudi block are fighting proxies in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. In Iraq and Syria the Saudi block is helping the Isis and rebels and Iran is backing the govrnments of these countries, but in Yemen the situation is invert, there the Saudi block is backing the govt while the Iranian block is helping houthi rebels to fight against the govt.
These are some of the reasons which make them unique from other groups and making it difficult for the international community to defeat them just by aerial power…….

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The Inside Story Of Isis

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