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RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols

Susan R. Haynes - RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols
Published: 1999-08-10 | ISBN: 0896035689 | PDF | 504 pages | 2.14 MB

Highly skilled experimentalists provide a comprehensive series of commonly used, as well as specialized, techniques for analyzing how proteins and RNA interact. Richly detailed and readily reproducible, these methods enable researchers to analyze the structural details of an RNA-protein interaction, to determine in detail what parts of the protein and RNA are in close contact, and to isolate RNP complexes from cells. There are also in vitro and in vivo methods and protocols for assaying the effects of proteins and RNP complexes on mRNA metabolism. The methods assume only a knowledge of basic molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell culture, and can be readily adapted to other systems. RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols offers a wide-ranging collection of up-to-date experimental methods that will assure productive and reproducible results for all investigators in the field.

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RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols

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