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Pluralsight - Linux System Administration Fundamentals

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The second exam for the LPIC-1, 117-102 requires you to know a little about scripting and customizing the user environment. So we look at variables, aliases, and functions and how they can be added to login scripts before moving more fully into writing BASH scripts. With this firmly under our belts, we can look at managing the X server and the GUI found on Linux desktops and some servers. This will lead us into understanding users and groups and integration into the Active Directory. To make life easier for us, some tasks will be automated using Cron before finishing up with an explanation of the locale.

Course Introduction
What Will We Be Covering?

Customizing the Linux User's Shell
Introduction to the Linux User's Environment
Understanding Variables in Linux
Demonstrating How to Set Local and Global Variables
Setting Shell Options in Linux
Using Command Aliases in Linux
Linux Functions as Part of the Environment
Persisting Settings With Login Scripts

Customize and Write Simple Shell Scripts
Introduction to Shell Scripting
Creating Scripts
Demonstrating How to Create a Simple Script
Collecting User Input Techniques
Scripting With User Input
Code Snippets in gedit
Using if Statements
Using Case Allows Easy Testing on Many Conditions
Understanding Loops
Writing for Loops
Writing while Loops

Managing an X11 Environment in Linux
Introducing the X11 Server
Starting X and systemd Targets Within CentOS 7
Starting X on the Raspberry Pi
X Server Configuration on the Raspberry Pi
Configuring X and Removing the User List on CentOS 7
Adding Fonts to the Raspberry Pi
Accessibility Option in CentOS 7

Managing Users and Groups
Introduction to Account Management in Linux
Managing Users
Practice a Little User Management
Understanding Groups in Linux
Hands on Group Management
Integrating Linux With Active Directory
Using OpenLDAP

Automate System Tasks
Introduction to Automation in Linux
Using System Cron Tasks
Implementing User Cron Jobs With crontab
Scheduling With System Unavailability in Mind
Ad-hoc Task Scheduling With at and batch
Controlling User Scheduled Tasks

Configuring the Linux Locale
Investigating the Linux Locale
Setting the Locale in CentOS
Troubleshooting Character Set Issues in PuTTY
How systemd Can Aid Locale Settings


Pluralsight - Linux System Administration Fundamentals

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