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Ubuntu: Up and Running: A Power User's Desktop Guide (Repost)

Robin Nixon, "Ubuntu: Up and Running: A Power User's Desktop Guide"
English | 2010 | ISBN: 0596804849 | PDF | pages: 463 | 16,7 mb
Ubuntu: Up and Running shows you the ins and outs of the open source Ubuntu operating system with a complete hands-on tour. In the book you'll learn how Ubuntu works, how to quickly configure and maintain Ubuntu 10.04, and how to use this unique operating system for networking, business, and home entertainment. Spercifically you will learn how to:
Choose among three desktop environments: GNOME, KDE, or XFCE
Connect printers, sound cards, cameras, webcams, and iPhones
Use the Linux filesystem with either the desktop or the command line
Access networking functions, such as file and folder sharing and Internet access
Get an in-depth introduction to the business productivity suite
Use WINE to run Windows programs
Implement upgrades quickly and easily
Find out where to get, and how to install, other great software for Linux
This book includes a DVD with the complete Ubuntu system, which you can use either from the disc without installation, or you can install it alongside or in place of Windows or OS X. It also features a number of videos on Ubuntu specially produced by the book's author.

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Ubuntu: Up and Running: A Power User's Desktop Guide (Repost)

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