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UnixCBT pFirewall Edition

UnixCBT pFirewall Edition
.MP4, x264, 1358x766 | AAC, English, 2 Ch | 8 Hours | 1.34 GB
Genre: eLearning
Focus: pfSense Firewall
System Requirements: Browser | [HTML5] | Flash | javascript
User Agents: Chrome | Safari | Firefox | IE9+ | Opera
Mobile Platforms: Droid | IOS | Phones | Tablets | Phablets
Duration: 8 Hours

Course Objective Firewall - pfSense - BSD Unix

Introduction - Topology - Features
Enumerate important pfSense features
Explore network topology
Identify key systems to be used

pfSense Installation
Identify target platforms
Locate and obtain packages
Install pfSense on target system(s)
Confirm initial installation
Explore installation footprint
Peruse $SHELL management interface

WebConfigurator Interface
Discuss features and benefits
Identify target URLs
Authenticate and update basic credentials
Explore interface
Identify key menu items

Basic Routing
Identify default configuration
Route traffic based on default configuration
Update routing to handle new subnet
Confirm packet routing through routed interfaces
Evaluate results

NAT Table
Extend Routing discussion and consider NAT
Cover default NAT configuration
Create custom NAT configuration
Observe packet mangling across interfaces
Evaluate results

Firewall Rules | Schedules
Identify and test default rules
Tweak rules and observe impact on packets
Handle various types of common traffic patterns
Move packets between subnets across rules interfaces
Evaluate various tweaks to firewall rules
Schedule rules and evaluate impact

Firewall LOGs | Reports
Explore considerable LOG data
Generate traffic and observe LOG entries
Enable rules based on LOG entries
Alter traffic according to desired result
Explore various in-built Reports
Evaluate results

Packages | Extensibility
Explore pfSense default Packages
Implement add-on packages
Correlate new packages to interface
Use add-on to accomplish various tasks

DHCP | DNS Services
Explore defaults
Influence DHCP Server configuration
Set Reservations
Configure DNS servics
Evaluate performance

Provision additional networks
Allocate networks to DMZs | VLANs
Configure Routing | Filtering between networks
Confirm packet flows
Evaluate results

Explore various areas
Administer Users
Test access
Use Backup | Restoration services
Confirm results

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UnixCBT pFirewall Edition

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