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Windows 10: A Beginner's Guide

Windows 10: A Beginner's Guide by Jacob Gleam
English | Feb 20, 2015 | ISBN: 1508568111 | 32 Pages | EPUB/PDF (Converted) | 0.3 MB
Windows 10 is one of the latest additions to the Microsoft Operating Systems. The company started in 1981 with the most remarkable OS’s being Windows 95,98,2003 and most recently Windows 7 and 8. Windows 10 joins Windows NT family of several successful OS’s with the succeeding OS performing better than its predecessor. This new OS has major differences from the other releases and has the same internal core for different devices. These include PC’s, laptops, phones and integration of this core into all new devices. While Windows 10 is yet to be released the information on the features it will have already has users buzzing with anticipation. Windows 10 has added the features present on Windows 8 while greatly improving the experience on PCs and laptops.This book is targeted on directing users on how to manipulate the different areas of the Windows 10 on all devices to achieve optimal functionality once installed.

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Windows 10: A Beginner's Guide

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