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Anne Holler, "Florencewalks"
ISBN: 0805020985 | 1993 | EPUB | 228 pages | 5 MB
Much of Florence's art is not in her world-famous museums but in her streets, and those treasures can only be seen by those who explore this lovely, medieval city on foot. The four intimate walking tours in Florencewalks lead you through centuries of Italian history and architecture–around corners that hide marble gods and goddesses, down hushed alleys pervaded by the aroma of spices and pastas, out onto sun-washed piazzas flanked by churches and palazzos and open-air markets. Easily completed in a morning of afternoon, each walk includes plenty of spots along the way to sit and read, rest, or browse. In addition to maps of each walk, and more than thirty photographs, Florencewalks also contains a detailed section of visitor information and advice, a concise chronology of the city's history, an index, and a list of particularly special trattorias, wine bars, and shops.

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