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The Rough Guide to the USA (repost)

The Rough Guide to the USA by Sam Cook
English | 2011 | ISBN: 1848365810 | 1031 pages | PDF | 14,2 MB
A remarkably complete – and compact – travel guide to the entire United States. I scrutinized pages for two cities I know intimately (New Haven, CT, and Seattle, WA) and one I just visited (Palm Springs, CA) and can honestly say that this book does a very good job of capturing the essential feeling of each place, and of describing the high and low points of each locale. As is inevitable for such a copious compendium, there are entries for establishments that have gone out of business (The Unicorn and Costermonger), or entries I wished they had included (The Museum of Toasters). But on the whole, it's hard to imagine a more comprehensive and useful volume for the perennially peripatetic US traveler. Two suitcases up, up, and away!

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The Rough Guide to the USA (repost)

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